Online Advertising Facebook Ads for local businesses

11 Proven Steps for Successful Sponsored Ads on Facebook & Instagram for Local Businesses

How do you advertise your local business successfully without wasting your budget?

Originally published June 20, 2018 – UPDATED May 7, 2019

Facebook and Instagram Advertising for Local Businesses

Advertising a local business in the busy internet world is not as easy as it may seem. There is a lot of effort, consistency, and perseverance involved in successful online advertising, especially when it comes to Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Every business has an advertising budget, but its efficient utilization is what matters most.

Let’s jump right into it!

Step-by-Step Facebook & Instagram Ads

1) Define Your Target Audience

Online Advertising Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads - Define Your Target Audience
Online Advertising Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads – Define Your Target Audience

The first and foremost aspect to consider is to define your target audience. You might have a very broad audience, but when you’re creating ads, you must know who you are creating your ads for.

So, we recommend creating a specific audience within your broad audience and personalizing the ads for that specific audience. Not only will this boost engagement significantly, but Facebook & Instagram will deliver it to more people with the same budget because of the high engagement.

Statistics from 2016 revealed that 71% of individuals does not mind ads that are relevant to them and their buying habits. A generic ad will not appeal to anyone. As a result, your money will go to waste because less people will engage with your ad. Use the attribute examples below to define your target audience properly so you can create the best ads and get the best results.

  • Age, Gender, Location – This is the most basic target audience. It’s a start, but if you only target using these three attributes you won’t be able to personalize your ads and YOU WILL waste your money.
  • Life Stage – For example… College student? Grad Student? Parents? Parents with kids in high school?
  • Relationship – Single, Married, Dating, Divorced, etc.
  • Interest – Dog lovers? Cat lovers? Love the outdoors? Sports?

These are just some of the attributes you need to consider when you create your target audience. Once you’ve defined your target audience, only then should you move on to the next step.

2) The Juiciest, Too-Good-to-Be-True, One-time Promotional Offer

Online Advertising Facebook Ads - Create an Offer
Online Advertising Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads – Create an Offer

While the image/video of your ad HAS to be eye-catching, you need to reinforce its impact by introducing a “Too-Good-To-Be-True offer. It is imperative to create your offer with your target audience (in step 1) in mind. For example, if you’re a hair stylist, you can offer “50% Off White Hair removal” to an audience of women ages 50+, but offer something different like a “Free Up-Do with a Haircut” to women ages 30 – 40.

The relevancy of your offer will increase engagement and conversion which will bring down the the cost of your Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

3) Create an Ad Campaign, Choose Objective & Start Setting Up Targeting Options

Online Advertising Facebook Ads - Facebook Ads Manager
Online Advertising Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads – Facebook Ads Manager

Now we’re starting to get to the technical details…

Once you have your target audience and your exclusive offer, you can now start building your ad campaign using Facebook Ads Manager. If you do not have a Facebook Ads Manager, it’s really easy to get started. Checkout creating a Facebook Business Manger by following these steps, or book a free strategy call with us!

First start by creating a campaign with the proper objective that is going to work well with your exclusive offer. Most businesses should start with either an Engagement or Traffic, but it varies depending on the business.

4) Give Your Ad a Beautiful Face

At this point, you want to give your ad a face. Statistics show that people can remember the visual of your ad three days after watching it. They will remember 65% of the visuals whereas the information retention is down to 10% for an audio-based piece of information. However, you must choose visuals that appeal to your target audience and relevant to your offer.

5) Create a Compelling Copy (TEXT)

Add a description and a headline, also known as the Ad Copy, to your ad, and be sure to address your audience in it.

Creating a compelling ad copy can be quite a task, but if you’ve defined your audience it will be much easier to come up with the perfect Ad Copy that speaks directly to your audience. The trick is to find a balance wherein your title and description addresses your audience while staying relevant to your ad image/video and the offer.

In the headline I usually add the offer and I use the description section to give more information on how to obtain the offer. Starting the description off with a question that is relevant to the target audience is always a plus!

6) Use a Clear Call-to-Action

Do not assume that people will start searching you right after watching your video or ad. You have to remind them of taking an action after watching your video. Make place for a call-to-action in your title AND in the description of your ad.

7) Create a Custom Landing Page

Online Advertising Facebook Ads - Landing Pages
Online Advertising Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads- Landing Pages

Your landing page is where the magic happens. A landing page is where your target audience is taken to after they click on your ad.

A compelling landing page will remind the potential customers of your offer from the ad, tell them how they will benefit from the offer, and eventually obtain their contact details in exchange for your special offer.

8) Deliver Offers Instantly

Online Advertising Facebook Ads - Deliver Offers Instantly
Online Advertising Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads – Deliver Offers Instantly

At this point, you don’t want to keep your customer waiting. Making them wait means giving them time to think. Surprisingly, customers can change their mind in no time.

Deliver the special offer as soon as you can after you have obtained their contact details and make sure they also get the offer in their email inbox as well as a text message, if they shared their phone number.

9) Have a System to Redeem Coupons & Offers

You want to make sure that you have a system to easily collect customer information, have customers claim their offer, and for your business mark used coupons as “redeemed” or you’re in for a bookkeeping & logistical nightmare.

Also making sure customers can only use the promo once, which is very important especially if the first initial offer is something free.

10) Send Email and SMS Reminders

It is time to use the contact details you’ve obtained from your customers on your landing page. Send reminders in SMS and email to the customers who have not used the discount coupons yet.

Create urgency by telling them the deadline when the offer will be over. Look at this example where the business has developed an amazing way to create urgency.

11) Re-target & Re-engage Your Customers Using the Customer List

This is where you start seeing your profits stack on stack.

Now that you have a customer list, you can use text messages and email to contact them directly to bring them back to your business rather than paying Facebook and Instagram.

You can also take advantage of your customer list and ask for reviews on your Google My business, Yelp, and Facebook Page!

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