Over the last two years, I have been working with a company called SWAKDesigns.com, an e-commerce store for plus size women’s fashion. Before I took over their Facebook campaigns, SWAKDesigns wasn’t doing too bad. While many businesses were willing to take a loss when it came to Facebook Ads, SWAKDesigns were in the black making a solid return on their ad spend. But after their cost of goods, they were barely breaking even.

Basically, they were making the same mistakes hundreds of businesses make when it comes to Facebook Ads; they were creating basic one-layer campaigns and putting all their budget into those one layer campaigns. The problem with this method is that the bulk of the ad spend is paying for traffic that will never convert into sales or leads. As soon as I took over the Facebook campaigns, I paused all the campaigns and began designing a Multi-layer Facebook campaign.

What is a Multi-layer Facebook campaign?

A multi-layer Facebook campaign is a group of campaigns and ad sets that work together to achieve one goal using audience segmentation, custom audience, and retargeting. The advantage of a multi-layer Facebook campaign is the ability to spread your budget over several campaigns while spending the bulk of your budget on ONLY the people who are most likely to convert. For your very own cheat sheet on building your own Multi-layer Facebook Campaigns check out – How to lower your Facebook advertising cost the right way and scale without increasing your Facebook marketing budget.

SWAKDesigns’ Case Study & the 9.4x ROAS

Download the full case study in PDF form right here. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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