In this article, I will cover how most Facebook advertising agencies are serving their clients and how our Facebook marketing company does it better. And in the end, you can download a Free “How-to” guide on exactly what we do to help generate sales and leads for our clients.

If you want get straight to the “How-to” guide and skip my awesome explanation on why our method is better, you can download it by CLICKING HERE.

The Best Facebook Advertising / Marketing Strategy

Creating a multi-layer Facebook ad campaign is the most efficient Facebook advertising strategy and the best way to lower your Facebook advertising cost. By using a multi-layer Facebook campaign, you are able to segment you initial target audience and create a highly customized audience that is most likely to convert. By doing this you will dramatically improve your key performance metrics (e.g., CPC, Cost per Link Click, CTR, Cost per Website Conversion) and increase the number of leads and sales without the need of increasing your monthly ad budget.

The Other Facebook Ad Strategy

Many Facebook advertising agencies focus on the initial Facebook ad targeting by creating an audience using behavior, interest, demographics, etc. Then they immediately advertise an offer or value proposition – although this step of Facebook ad targeting is important, it does not guarantee that the initial audience is going to take advantage of the offer or value proposition. You might get a few leads or sales, but this method increases your Facebook advertising cost. This is even more true if you are trying to gain new customers.

What’s even more dangerous is utilizing the “Boost Post” option on the post in the Facebook page. It’s so easy to just pull the trigger and spend $5 here and $10 here, but most of the engagements are empty likes from people that will never become your customers. “Boosting” your post is a great way to start your campaign, but if you do not follow up that boosted post with another ad, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Our Facebook Ad Strategy

The better approach is the multi-layer Facebook advertising strategy. This marketing strategy is far more successful than any single-layer Facebook ad campaign or boosted post because it allows a business to market to a larger audience and leverage Facebook’s amazing retargeting ability to easily find the target audience that is highly engaged in your product and/or services. The people who engage with your content are far more valuable than the initial Facebook ad targeting mentioned in the previous section. Multi-layer Facebook strategy results in a higher relevancy score which increases the opportunity for each Facebook ad to spread organically, lowering your Facebook advertising cost so you increase your ROAS (return on ad spend).

By leveraging the power of Facebook’s data and algorithm, a business is able to retarget each individual in the target audience who are most likely to take up an offer or value proposition at a much lower cost. In addition to retargeting, a business can easily create a lookalike audience of the target audience and further hone in on the exact individuals that are most likely to convert into leads or sales.

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How to Create a Multi-layer Facebook Ad Strategy

Creating a multi-layer campaign is like creating a sales funnel. Essentially, there are three major layers to a multi-layer Facebook campaign. It starts with a content (video or blog) to a large audience within a given location. Then, you retarget those who have engaged with the content with another piece of content or a download. Finally you advertise the offer or value proposition to those who have engaged in the first two layers and collect an email. Each layer can be made up of sub-layers that will help educate or nurture your audience to further convince them on why they should take up the offer or value proposition that will come later.

Why start with content before your offer? People are more likely to spend money with a business they are familiar with. Content allows your audience to become familiar with your business and it gives the business an opportunity to establish themselves as the go-to company when it comes to a specific product or service. In addition, advertising content is cheaper than an offer or value proposition because it is more likely that the target audience will engage with content rather than an offer. Remember, Facebook is all about content!

The final step in the multi-layer Facebook ad strategy has nothing to do with Facebook itself, but rather the creation of an email automation that reminds the target audience to take advantage of the offer or value proposition.


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