Four Steps to Successful Online Advertising for Small and Local Businesses

Generating sales and new leads and driving targeted traffic to your local business is challenging. In fact, generating traffic and leads is one of the top marketing challenges that businesses of all sizes face.

challenges for small businesses


Paid Online advertising using Facebook Ads and Google is one of the best ways to increase traffic and revenue for your small and local business. You can drive instant traffic to your landing pages with your advertising campaign on Facebook or AdWords and offer new and old customers a reason to call or visit your business.

But, creating an advertising campaign isn’t enough, you must make sure your ad converts and gets the job done. This is where most small and local businesses struggle because they do not have the resources to hire a full-time marketer, which is what it usually takes to run a successful online advertising campaign.

If your main goal is to create an online ad campaign using Facebook Ads and Instagram or Google AdWords, and you expect it will change the game…

It won’t work.

Online advertising requires four critical parts including the ad itself for it to be successful:

  1. The Ad (creative)
  2. The Landing Page
  3. Delivery & Redemption
  4. Tracking / Analytics

If you miss or skip one of these steps, your online advertising campaigns will fail badly, won’t deliver results you expect, and waste a lot of dollars. Great marketing campaigns spend less money, but produce more results. This is what many of the online gurus do not tell you.

Let’s visit each step and see how it impacts your online advertising campaigns for your small and local business.

The Ad (Creative)

Your ad, also known as the creative, it is where you begin. Your ad must follow the advertiser’s guidelines which varies from platform to platform. If you’re running an online ad campaign for your local business on Facebook and Instagram, you can find the guidelines HERE, and for AdWords, you can find them HERE.

Besides these general guidelines, your creative should have following 4 components:

  1. A Powerful & Attention Grabbing Headline
  2. A Persuasive Description
  3. A Powerful Call-to-Action (CTA)
  4. High-Quality Image(s) or Video(s) at least 10 to 60 seconds long

Here is an ad that’s visually pleasing with a high-quality image, has a CTA, a strong headline, and a description offering unique value:


Example of a Good Facebook Ad by Amazon

Although this is an advertisement for an online business, advertising for you local business online needs the exact same components. Your creative should have the potential to grab user’s attention and it should persuade them to take action. Today, we recommend using videos over images because videos have been performing much better across the board.

Landing Page

A landing page is a web page that is used to capture visitor’s information via a form. This is the page where visitors land on after they click your ad. Below is an example of a proper landing page with the proper components:

Example of a Good Landing Page for Online Advertising for Small Businesses

Example of a Good Landing Page

The landing page is used to offer a valuable product, an exclusive offer, a special promo, or even valuable information known as a lead magnet in exchange for visitors email address and/or contact information. This is how you generate leads that will lead to sales. Once you get the email address, you can contact them later and build the relationship or you will deliver your offer/promo to their inbox.

A landing page should have 5 elements, according to Unbounce. These include:

  1. Your Unique Value/Selling Proposition
  2. Photo or Video
  3. Benefits of Your Offer or Lead Magnet
  4. Form to Capture Contact Information
  5. A Strong Call-to-Action

The key to a great landing page is, your landing page must be relevant to your ad. This is one critical aspect that advertisers normally ignore. If your ad promised Halloween candy sale, your landing page should offer Halloween candy sale, or your campaign will have a poor conversion rate and your cost to advertise will be much more expensive. No fluff, offer what you promised in the ad copy. Period.

Delivery & Redemption

Online advertising for your small and local business requires the delivery of what you’re offering in the ad.

What happens next when a user clicks the CTA on the landing page is really important.

They should get the promised lead magnet or offer immediately. You should have a system in place where anyone who fills the form should get his/her valuable stuff immediately whether it be a free guide, a promotional code, a report, or anything else.

In addition to delivering the lead magnet or offer, it must be super easy to redeem. For example, if it is a “How-to” guide, make sure it is a simple download or a link that takes them to the guide. If it is a promo or coupon code, make it easy to redeem it. Many times businesses ignore the redemption process because to them, it is pretty straight forward in their mind. But the actual user or customer cannot read the businesses mind. Make the process simple and clear in the landing page and in the email. 

This can be achieved with the help of an autoresponder where all the subscribers will get their lead magnet immediately via an email.

Or, if you intend to send information via text (such as a discount code), you have to have a system in place.

A great deliver & redemption process will encourage the customer to find you and spend money.


Tracking your advertising campaign is a critical step that is often ignored as it requires time, resources, and expertise. Tracking helps you understand what works and what doesn’t.

It helps you analyze which creatives work better and why, which offers or lead magnets are bringing customers, and finally the most important part is which advertising campaign is making your business the most money.

The worst thing you can do is just through money at the 3 previous steps and let it run. Even if your ad campaign is performing well, with the proper tracking, it could be the difference between 2.5 times return on investment or 10 times return on investment.

Our Shameless Plug

Do you have what it takes to create an advertising campaign that will crush the competition? If you follow the process above, your business can increase revenue in no time.

It might get challenging especially if you’re new to all this and haven’t done it before. This is where Truvi can help with our Online Advertising service for small and local businesses. It is much cheaper than hiring a full-time employee to handle the online advertising ($3000 – $5000/month). You can also Click here to schedule a Free Strategy Call to get help with any issues you have with your advertising campaign on Facebook/Instagram or AdWords.



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