Truvi – Local Gem Online Advertising Package Terms of Service

Local Gem Online Advertising Package

Truvi – The party providing online advertising service
Client – The party paying and receiving service for the online advertising service.
Assets – Raw image(s)/video(s)
Value Proposition(s) – Offer(s), Promo(s), event(s), or update(s)

Truvi will provide online advertising services for the Client on a month-to-month basis. Listed are the terms of service for the Local Gem Online Advertising Package:

Design Ad Creatives and Copy

  • Clients must provide either an offer, promo, event, or update (Value Proposition) and the rules & restrictions of the Value Proposition that Client will like to advertise.
  • Clients must provide raw images/videos (Assets) that will be used in the online advertising campaigns.
  • Truvi will edit Assets provided by the Client and design highly converting ad creative to use for Client’s advertising campaigns.
  • Truvi will create the appropriate ad copy that will be used in the advertising campaign.
  • Additional offers, promos, events, and/or updates (Value Propositions) in the same month is an extra $295 per Value Proposition.
  • All edited Assets and copy belongs to Truvi and will not be able to be used outside of the ad campaigns by anyone without Truvi’s written consent.

Ad Campaign Delivery

  • Client will provide general requirements for target customers and Truvi will deliver and optimize the ads to the target customers.
  • Ads will only include one value proposition and will be delivered to target customers on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook’s Audience Network.
  • Ads will be delivered using Truvi’s network of Facebook Pages and Instagram Accounts.
  • Ad spend is already included in the Local Gem Online Advertising Package.
  • Additional Value propositions in the same month is an extra $295 per Value proposition.
  • Ad will be delivered continuously to target customers for the duration of the current month.

Landing Pages

  • Truvi will create custom landing pages for the ads using Assets and custom copy
  • Truvi will collect target customer information on the landing pages (name & email) on behalf of the Client.
  • Client will be provided the link to the landing pages and may use it on Client’s other marketing/advertising channels.

Delivery of Value Propositions to Target Customers

  • Once target customers claim the Value Proposition on the landing pages, Truvi will deliver the Value Proposition to the email and/or text (if phone number is provided) provided by the target customers.

Mobile Application for Redemption and Tracking of Value Proposition

  • Truvi will provide the mobile application that Client will use to redeem the Value Proposition claimed by target customers.
  • Truvi will provide training for Client on how to best use the mobile application.

Monthly Strategy Call

  • Client and Truvi will schedule a monthly strategy call to review performance and prepare for upcoming campaigns for the following months.
  • Appointment will be based on the best available times for both the Client and Truvi.

Payment and Duration of Online Advertising Service

  • Local Gem Online Advertising Package is $595/month
  • For the “$395/Month (3 months) + 3 Re-engagement Email Campaigns + 1 Free Short Video” Exclusive offer, the full payment for the 3 months ($1185.00 USD) is due immediately.
  • Payments must be processed before the 23rd of each month in order for Ad Campaigns to start in beginning of the upcoming month.
  • Payments received after the 23rd of the month, Ad Campaigns will start in beginning of the following month after the upcoming month.
  • Ad campaigns will run for the full number of calendar days of a given month.
  • Additional Value Proposition ($295) will start 7 business days after receiving payment and will run for the duration of the first ad campaign.

Service Termination

  • Client or Truvi can end online advertising service at anytime.
  • All edited assets and copy belongs to Truvi and will not be able to be used by the Client without Truvi’s written consent.
  • All campaigns will be paused immediately once the service is ended.
  • Service can only be terminated through written confirmation from both Client and Truvi.


  • Full refunds are only available if:
    (1) Truvi cancels the service before the end of the an Ad Campaign duration OR
    (2) If Client cancels the service before the start of an Ad Campaign
  • If Client cancels service during the Ad Campaign, Client will only receive Fifty Percent (50%) of the original payment minus any ad spend paid to the advertisement platforms.

Free 3 Re-engagement Email Campaigns

  • Only the exclusive offer includes 3 Re-engagement Email Campaigns
  • Only 1 Re-engagement Email Campaign per month.
  • Additional Re-engagement Email Campaign is $150/email

Free Short Video

  • Free Short Video is only available for Clients whose business location is within Los Angeles County.
  • Free Short Video is only available for Clients who takes advantage of the offer mentioned in the Demo Video
  • All watermarks and labels added by Truvi cannot be removed unless there is a written confirmation by Truvi.
  • Once video is finalized and mastered, changes and updates to the video will be charged to the Client.

Questions about the Terms of Service

  • Any questions or concerns with the terms of service, please contact


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